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 Northern Heavy Industries Group Co. , Ltd.


Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. established in 2007, formed by two large state owned companies, Shenyang Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. (found in 1921)  and Shenyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (found in 1937).



   NHI International Company (Former SKIEC, Shenyang Mining Machinery Import and Export Corporation)- a sub-company of NHI,  specially engaged in the global business of NHI;


  Scope of business


     NHI is a 100% state owned company and provided services for engineering, designing, fabricating, assembling of varies of machines for different fields of engineering projects as below,


       Cement   Sea port Metals                  Fertilizer  

      Energy             Mining                 Construction   


      + We provide diverse business services in the manners of below,


      Supplying of equipment and machines      Trading        EPC project


      + Machines or equipment  we supply

       Belt conveyor system          Hhomogenizing Stacker and Reclaimer         

        Apron feeder                     Bucket wheel Stacker and Reclaimer  

         Crushers and mills, AG or SAGs      Beneficiation plants    Palletizing plants

        Coal mills for TPP                           Special designed gearbox reducer


  Capabilities of fabricating annually

        Belt conveyor(more than 120kms) Stacker and reclaimer ( 300sets) 

       Apron feeder (more than 400sets)      Steelworks fabricate(40,000tons) Ø

       Crushers and mills (200sets)



        10,200 employees                    1,400 engineers      5,000 skilled workers

        18 nos. of product subsidiaries  6 nos. Researching and developing institutes

        3 Marketing subsidiaries   


   Annual turnout            

        USD2.15 BILLION ----2011

        USD2.34 BILLION ----2012

        USD2.28 BILLION ----2013


   Business global  

        India             Indonesia  Malaysia   Australia  Mozambique  Korea

        Saudi Arabia  Viet Nam  Brazil         Chile        Burma           Russia 

        Sierra Leone  Madagascar    Canada Lao         Iran                Philippine

        Thailand         Oman       Mongolia   South Africa Yemen      Pakistan  



   KSN TECH VENTURES PVT. LTD..  One of  NHI's  India market Partner.


  Fara Necu Co.    One of NHI's Iran market partner.


  We welcome firms in the global to join us for your local market developing and promotion.



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